2015.01.07 – “Action Comics” #38 hits stores Wed. – check out the preview!

A page from "Action Comics" #38, art by Aaron Kuder, colors by Wil Quintana.
A page from “Action Comics” #38, art by Aaron Kuder, colors by Wil Quintana.

USA Today’s Brian Truitt interviewed me about the horror story in “Action Comics” #38 — and previewed several lettered, colored pages from the issue, which hits comic stores on Wednesday!

An excerpt from the interview:

It takes a lot to scare someone who’s as powerful as Superman, and Pak feels it’s been his job to do that in his career of working with superheroes. Whether he’s dealing with the Hulk, Storm of the X-Men or the Man of Steel, the key is “to come up with villains or situations that genuinely challenge and disrupt them in unexpected ways. That’s the thrill and the drama, and I love it.

“It’s also great stuff to work with thematically,” he adds. “Finding those things that can get under these superpowered heroes’ skins usually means getting to the emotional heart of the characters, which makes them come to life in the right kind of way.”

Check it out here!