2015.03.25 – Greg Pak to speak at the CIR’s “TechRaking London: Changing the News” event

UPDATE: I’m also planning to attend the Comica Social Club event around 8 pm Wednesday night – hope to see you there!

I’ll be attending and speaking at an all-day event organized by the Center for Investigative Reporting next week in London called “TechRaking London: Changing the News.” And it’s free!

From the registration site:

Join us in London for a day dedicated to a truly global challenge: What makes climate change so daunting? Is it the complexity of the problem that leads to confusion and resignation? Is the conversation worn out before people are mobilized around the key challenges? How can journalists create coverage about an issue so vast in scale and scope that ultimately engages communities around the world?

Teams will work to design a solution to this TechRaking challenge: Design a product or service that catalyzes audiences to untangle the issues knotted in climate change while revealing the scale of the issue in a new and surprising context.

Click here to read more and register.

Learn more at the official event site.