2022-08-24 – DARTH VADER #26 in stores today – INTO THE SAND!

Darth Vader #26 cover

I’m thrilled to report that DARTH VADER #26 hits stores today, written by yours truly with line art by Raffaele Ienco, colors by Carlos Lopez, letters by Joe Caramagna, and a glorious cover by Rahzzah.

I’ve been dreaming about this one for a long time, folks — it’s a heart-wrenching exploration of the emotional experience behind Anakin’s notorious line about sand from ATTACK OF THE CLONES, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

Here’s the official solicit:

INTO THE SAND! We all know about Anakin Skywalker’s aversion to finely ground particulate matter. But what does sand mean to the Dark Lord of the Sith? When Sabé, Vader’s unlikely new ally, goes missing, Vader must confront his own dark heart in the maelstrom of a terrible sandstorm – while tapping into one of his earliest skills in a wildly unexpected way!

“Darth Vader (2020) #26 is one hell of a comic issue.” — Tatooine Times. Read the full review here!

Check out five fully lettered preview pages at StarWars.com and ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you today!

And here’s the first page of the comic for your viewing pleasure:

Darth Vader #26, page 1