Firefly Earth That Was Deluxe Edition cover

Happy to report that the giant collected edition of my last year of FIREFLY stories is being released as a giant hardcover that hits comic shops on November 2 and traditional bookstores on November 8!

This deluxe edition also includes a never-before-seen short comic book story written by yours truly with lovely line art by Jose Johann Jaro. It’s my very last FIREFLY story and features Mal finally doing something incredibly huge and brave that we’d been teasing for at least a year. Dontcha dare miss it!

Here’s the official solicit copy:

A new crew of the legendary Serenity face new enemies, reunite with old friends, and travel to the EARTH THAT WAS for the first time in Firefly history!

Firefly jumps forward in time after the battle with the Reavers that left Wash & Book dead. Serenity soars again, with Kaylee captaining a crew including River, Jayne and the bandit Leonard Chang-Benitez. They’ll soon find themselves drawn into a shocking conflict that puts them on an interception course with old friends… and new enemies! In an attempt to evade the Alliance the crew of Serenity find themselves stranded on The-Earth-That-Was, a strange world filled with ancient artifacts, a new civilization and…maybe some semblance of hope. As strangers in a strange land they encounter individual and shared challenges galore! The groundbreaking future of Firefly by New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak (Darth Vader) and an all-star group ofartists including Pius Bak (The Magicians), Ethan Young (NANJING: The Burning City), Simona Di Gianfelice (Power Rangers), Jordi Perez (Queen of Bad Dreams), and Jahnoy Lindsay (Marvel’s Voices) is collected for the first time in a special deluxe edition hardcover! Collects Firefly #25-36.

Ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you today!

Or buy it from Bookshop.org (full disclosure: I get a small commission if you use this link to buy the book)!