2023-05-10 – DARTH VADER #34 hits comic shops!

Leinil Yu cover for Darth Vader #34 featuring Vader with an electrostaff facing off against a group of rebels while standing on a wrecked ship

DARTH VADER #34 hits comic book shops this Wednesday! The book was written by Greg Pak (hey, that’s me!) with line art by Adam Gorham, colors by Federico Blee, and letters by Joe Caramagna, with a cover by Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho.

Here’s the official solicit:

According to the JEDI, fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate. But does hate lead to suffering…or power? As DARTH VADER’S Force abilities spiral out of control, his lieutenant Sabe is caught in the maelstrom – and finally must confront the horrifying consequences of her choice to serve him. Will she choose darkness over light?

If you’ve been following the saga of Sabé, former handmaiden of Padmé Amidala, you do not want to miss this book!

Check out a lettered preview here and ask your local comic book shop to hold a copy of the book for you!