2023-11-08 – MECH CADETS #4 hits comic book stores this Wednesday!

MECH CADETS #4 cover art by Takeshi Miyazawa and Ian Herring showing the four main cadets standing with backs to each other in the foreground with smoke filling the midground and a damaged, armless Hero Force 2 standing in the background

MECH  CADETS #4 hits comic book shops this Wednesday! Here’s the solicit:

While Olivia and Frank risk everything by breaking quarantine (and the rules), Maya and Stanford are in pursuit, with Stanford dumbfounded by Olivia’s perceived recklessness. But Olivia knows what she’s doing–more than ever before–and is after a bit of essential information that could mean success… and finding Franklin and General Park.

Check out the lettered preview here and ask your local shop to hold a copy for you today!

MECH CADETS #4 was drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa with colors by Ian Herring, letters by Simon Bowland, editing by Shantel LaRoque and Eric Harburn, and script by Greg Pak.