Atomic interviews Pak on Hulk

Atomic Comics has interviewed “Incredible Hulk” writer for their latest “Radiation Interrogation” column. Here’s an excerpt:

AC – When we last saw Bruce he was “Hulk no more”. Now he has to come face to face with his son. But is it really Banner’s son or is it Hulk’s son?
GP – That’s an excellent question, sir, and it goes right to the heart of the story we’re telling. Skaar and Banner may have very different answers to that question, which could lead to some interesting conflicts.
AC – How is Skaar showing up on Earth and hanging around with Bruce going to be treated by the other Marvel heroes?
GP – Bruce Banner is going to pick a lot of fights during the course of this storyline. The heroes may have a tough time deciding whether the real threat here is Skaar or Banner himself.

Click here to read the whole thing — and don’t miss “Incredible Hulk” #601, hitting stores tomorrow!