Big new interview about KINGSWAY WEST at ComicsAlliance! And check out this gorgeous new cover!


Check out this gorgeous new cover by artist Mirko Colak and colorist Wil Quintana for KINGSWAY WEST #2!

And check out this new ComicsAlliance interview wherein I talk all about the book, the first issue of which arrives on November 11 and can be preordered at!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

CA: Let’s get into some plot specifics. Obviously, our main character is Kingsway Law, a gunslinger who just did a 13-year stint in prison.

GP: Yep. A wild man who came of age on a lawless frontier… but who’s determined as hell to stay out of trouble now and find his wife.

CA: How wild are we talking here?

GP: Dangerous, unpredictable, legend-in-his-own-time wild?

CA: And there’s also a “mysterious Chinese swordswoman” that we’ve heard about in earlier interviews.

GP: Yep. She’s on the cover. Her name is Ah Toy. She’s got a mission for Kingsway that might put everything he’s dreamed about for 13 years into jeopardy.

CA: So there’s magic, swords, guns, and what appears to be a Jackalope with a saddle. What else can we look forward to in terms of the story?

GP: Huge love story. Big action. Complex protagonists and antagonists, including a woman Buffalo Soldier turned scout named Strode. And an epic reimagining of America’s past and future. And of course gorgeous, gorgeous art from Mirko Colak and colorist Wil Quintana.

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