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A Dynamic Entertainment comic book series starting in May 2006, written by Greg Pak, pencils by Nigel Raynor.

“For those who can't wait until TV’s smartest SCI FI show returns in October, the new, instantly involving comic Battlestar Galactica will satisfy any fan’s hunger. It’s a brand-new story that should appeal to both BSG veterans and comic book fans not yet acquainted with the show. In the first of 13 issues, writer Greg Pak quickly sets the pulse racing with the appearance of a ship under attack whose passengers appear to be Galactica crew members' long dead loved ones. Or are they really humanity's arch-enemies, the robotic Cylons? With just enough explanation for newcomers to the mythology, but not enough to slow down the action, I say thank ‘the Gods’ for Dynamite Entertainment's Battlestar Galactica.”
— Ileane Rudolph, TV Guide Staff Writer

“The wait is over, the new adventures of the crew of the Battlestar Galactica begin here with DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, writer GREG PAK, and artist NIGEL RAYNOR! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents their all-new Galactica series with a special #0 issue featuring an original story with a ‘dynamite cliffhanger’ ending that leads into the ongoing series!”
— From the Dynamite Entertainment press release digs “Battlestar Galactica” #12

The Thursday Morning Quarterback team at praises “Battlestar Galactica” #12, the final issue from writer Greg Pak and penciller Nigel Raynor. An excerpt:

… the emphasis here is on human relationships and human tragedy, even if the ‘human’ in question happens to be a machine. Throughout, it’s easy to hear the voices of Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos, James Callis et al delivering Pak’s smart, sad dialogue. Way to close on a high note, BSG team.

“Battlestar Galactica” #12 hit comic book stores on Wednesday. Ask your local store to hold a copy for you today.

PaperBackReader loves “Battlestar Galactica” #10

An excerpt:

Greg Pak’s writing on this title continues to amaze me. Not only has he consistently hit the right tenor and tone with every character, but his selection of topics and themes have been remarkable, as has the depths he’s been willing to dive into the BSG mythos. It’s a tribute to a lot of things, including the weath of the BSG setting, Mr. Pak’s abilities, and Dynamite’s willingness to be inventive and challenging.

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