Greg Pak: Hercules

INCREDIBLE HERCULES comics just 99 cents each at Comixology today!

Hey, hey! Comixology is having a huge digital sale of INCREDIBLE HERCULES comics starring Herc and Amadeus Cho, written by me and Fred Van Lente, and drawn by a slew of amazing artists, including Khoi Pham, Rafa Sandoval, Reilly Brown, Neil Edwards, and Clayton Henry. Check it out!

Also worth noting — the series actually launched with INCREDIBLE HULK #112, which isn’t part of the sale, but which can be grabbed here.

Free Greg Pak Marvel books at Comixology!

By Greg Pak
A bunch of my books are part of the Marvel #1 digital comics giveaway at Comixology right now. The site’s pretty bogged down, so it might be tricky to download everything, but it appears that you can nab the following:
“Red Skull” #1
“Silver Surfer” #1
“Dark Reign: The List: Hulk”
“Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Clash”
“Planet Skaar Prologue”
“Skaar Son of Hulk” #1
“Iron Man: House of M” #1
“War Machine” #1
“Chaos War” #1
“World War Hulk” #1
“World War Hulk Prologue” (includes the Amadeus Cho origin story, I think)
“World War Hulk: Aftersmash” #1
“Herc” #1
“X-Treme X-Men” #1
“X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong” #1
“X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong” #1
Good luck, and enjoy!

Herc’s coming to “X-Treme X-Men”

Fans of Marvel’s Hercules please take note: an alternative universe version of the Lion of Olympus has joined the team of dimension-hopping adventurers in Greg Pak’s “X-Treme X-Men” series. And he’s in love with Howlett, an alternate-reality Wolverine! That’s the two heroes in the image above, reunited in issue #8, which just hit stores last week.
Big moments are coming up for Herc and Howlett in issues #9 and #10 as well, so ask your local retailer to hold “X-Treme X-Men” #8 and beyond for you.
Or buy a digital copy of issue #8 right now at Comixology!

“Chaos War” #1 and #2 FREE online at!

“Chaos War” #1 and #2, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Khoi Pham, can now be read for FREE online at!
“Chaos War” is the huge climax to the “Incredible Hercules” epic, starring Hercules and Amadeus Cho, the most incorrigible couple of cut-ups in the Marvel Universe in a gigantic heroes’ journey delving into Marvel’s most insanely cosmic corners.

Massive Greg Pak interview at Newsarama’s “Writer’s Workshop”

David Pepose has conducted what may be the longest interview ever of filmmaker and comics writer Greg Pak for his “Writer’s Workshop” column at Newsarama. Here’s an excerpt:

I should say this too, all this stuff I’m saying is stuff that I know, but that I have to struggle everyday to actually implement it, you know what I mean? [Laughs.] It’s an ongoing struggle to have the discipline to make these stories work the way they really should. To cut out the stuff that doesn’t belong, and to invest the stuff that should be there with real emotional truth rather than manufactured shortcuts, and to find the most dramatically compelling fashion to tell the story rather than just the easiest way to tell the story. These are ongoing challenges that I wrestle with every single day, trying to do the best I can and trying to figure out better ways to do it.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Tons of interviews with Greg Pak about Silver Surfer, Vision Machine, Chaos War, and everything else

A slew of Greg Pak interviews have gone live over the past week. Check ’em out:
Matt Adler of interviews writer Greg Pak about his upcoming “Silver Surfer” comic book miniseries:

MA: The Surfer has at times had difficulty in supporting his own series; what do you think is the key to making the character appeal to a wide audience?
GP: First and foremost, we’re just trying to tell a story with a real emotional core that’s compelling on a human level. I think that’s the key to making supremely powerful, cosmic characters work for both old and new audiences — find the human contrast that makes the characters relatable and the emotional conflicts and drama that make them compelling.
At the same time, we love supremely powerful, cosmic characters because of the visceral thrill of seeing them in action and the mind-bending leaps these huge sci fi stories can take. It’s like writing a Hulk story: let’s face it — we want to see the Hulk smash. And in a Surfer story, we want to have our minds blown with some crazy cosmic madness. That’s a huge part of the fun and thrill of the genre, and we’re absolutely embracing that.

Click here to read the whole thing.
Iann Robinson of CraveOnline interviews Pak about “Vision Machine,” “Chaos War,” “Silver Surfer,” and everything else. An excerpt:

CRAVEONLINE: Do you think technology is getting out of control?
GREG PAK: Oh, technology is always getting out of control. We’re human — everything we touch goes a little crazy, right? The challenge is to take the time to think about where it’s going so we can have a shot at guiding the river rather than just being swept away by the flood. That’s the glory of speculative fiction — it gives us a safe place to prepare for the shocking changes that are inevitably coming.

Click here to read the whole thing.
The Greek website Comicdom interviews Pak. An excerpt:

I know you have been a Silver Surfer fan yourself. What has drawn you to the character as a reader?
The Silver Surfer might be the purest example of what makes Marvel great — combining massive, cosmic genre hijinks with utterly relatable emotional stories. I was blown away as a kid by the insane visual design and sci fi mythology of the Surfer and Galactus. But I was hooked by the emotional story — the sacrifice and heroism and tragedy of Norrin Radd, the man beneath that shimmering silver sheen.
For more about why I love the Surfer, check out my website for periodic blog postings on the theme: “The Surfer is Awesome.”

Click here to read the whole thing.

Pak Talks Comics: How many issues in “Chaos War”?

A quick edition of Pak Talks Comics to clear up a bit of confusion:
Joseph W.: Hello there Mr. Pak, I like to say that I’m a new fan of you works. I’m currently reading the great Chaos War event. However I noticed an error on the front cover. On the top corner the issue number says that it is issue 3 of 4, yet the prior issues and even in the check list of the Chaos War events says that it is a 5 issue series. Is this a small error and to be ignored or did a scheduling incident occur and you can only do a 4 issue series instead?
Pak: Thanks for the kind words, Joseph! Please rest assured that the “4” is a typo. The series runs for five issues.
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