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2022-09-20 – DUO #5 in stores today!

DUO #5 main cover by Dike Ruan

DUO #5 hit comic shops today! The book was written by yours truly with art by Khoi Pham and Scott Hana, colors by Chris Sotomayor, letters by Janice Chiang, main cover by Dike Ruan, and variant cover by Cathy Kwan.

Here’s the official solicit:

When bestowed with the enormous powers of a god…do as gods do! David and Kelly flout enemies and allies alike to reveal themselves to the public and heal the sick and suffering with their nanobot technology. But inside their shared body, David and Kelly are at war for control. With a new threat on the horizon so great that even the Immortals fear it, will the bickering lovers get it together in time to save the world?

I’m very proud of this series and hope you’ll check it out. It’s been enormously well-reviewed — Lyle’s Movie Files gave the latest issue 9/10 and said “It’s been the rare new series that’s struck the ideal pace so every issue feels like a step up from the previous installment.”

Check out the lettered preview here and ask your local shop to hold a copy for you today!

DUO #5 variant cover by Cathy Kwan.

2022.05.17 – DUO #1 signing and film camera/comics swap in Brooklyn!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be signing DUO #1, the first issue of my latest comic book series, at Anyone Comics in Brooklyn (1216 Union Street) on Tuesday, May 17! The signing starts at 6 pm and will be OUTDOORS for maximum safety! Click here for the full details!

As an added bonus, we’re doing something a little wild and different by running a film camera/comics swap at the signing!

Greg Pak self portrait 1985/2022

I’ve gotten back into analog film photography this year, and I’m obsessed with old cameras. So if you have old 35mm cameras, lenses, film, or gear lying around, feel free to bring them to the signing and I might trade you some signed comics for them! Or feel free to trade with other folks who might show up with gear!

Please note that I’m really only looking for analog film cameras – not digital cameras. Also, some old film lenses were made with thorium and are actually slightly radioactive (I KNOW, RIGHT?) and I’m very specifically NOT looking for those, so please feel free to leave your radioactive lenses at home, thanks! 🙂

A thing I’ll almost certainly swap you something for:

  • Unexposed 35mm film – even if it’s expired! I’ll bring a bunch of single issue comics and I’ll swap you one for every roll of film you bring!

Things I’m generally interested in and would love to check out:

  • Canon FD prime lenses.
  • Film cameras with full manual control. Particularly curious about the Canon AT-1 and the Pentax MX right now. Classic all-manual cameras I’d love to try out some day.
  • Rangefinders and TLRs – haven’t gotten into either of these kinds of camera yet, but I’m curious!

And I’m happy to look at any other film cameras or gear or (non-radioactive) lenses you want to bring in! I may or may not want to trade for everything, but I’m always happy to look at stuff and swap film stories!

AND LET’S NOT FORGET: I’m really proud of DUO #1 and thrilled to be working with the creative team of Khoi Pham, Scott Hana, Chris Sotomayor, Janice Chiang, Andrea Shea, Jim Chadwick, and all the amazing cover artists! Check out an interview and preview at AIPT Comics and don’t miss this book!

DUO #1 cover by Dike Ruan and Miquel Muerto