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“…I’d take a chance on Greg Pak’s micro-budget indie Robot Stories, a valentine from the future. Broken into a quartet of subtle science-fiction fables, each is more Ray Bradbury than Keanu Reeves — and romantic in its own strange way: A sculptor becomes obsessed with the digitized memories of his wife; a worried couple tries to love an android baby; a mother reconstructs her dying son’s vintage robot-toy collection; and an android office-drone (played by Pak) falls in love. Somehow the cast (largely composed of underutilized Asian-American actors like Tamlyn Tomita) underplays the gizmos and hits the emotional beats dead-on, heating up a genre that so often looks stylish, but feels dead-cold.” – Logan Hill,

“Enthralling.” Cincinnati CityBeat

“Extremely great.” – Harry Knowles,

“A tremendously powerful set of vignettes. Writer/director Greg Pak uses four stories about robots to create wonderfully human moments. The stories are quick and to the point. The visually compelling and well-acted stories do not exist in the same world; tied together by theme, each is its own stirring narrative. Robots as toys, robots as children, robots as office tools, and robots as deceased loved ones teach the humans around them various lessons without hammering the audience. Quiet subtlety abounds throughout these terrific shorts. Even the opening credits animation is a wonderfully self-contained story. Another must-see.” – Bobby Kirk, Playback St. Louis

2002, 85 minutes, color. Winner of over 30 awards, “Robot Stories” is science fiction from the heart, four stories in which utterly human characters struggle to connect in a world of robot babies, robot toys, android office workers, and digital immortality. John Petrakis of the Chicago Tribune calls the film “one of the most moving pieces I’ve seen all year” while Entertainment Insiders calls it a “genuinely stirring indie rarity”

Written and directed by Greg Pak; produced by Kim Ima and Karin Chien; starring Tamlyn Tomita, Sab Shimono, Wai Ching Ho, and Greg Pak.

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The screenplay for Greg Pak’s feature film “Robot Stories” has been published by Immedium as a 222 page paperback which includes an introduction by David Henry Hwang and the scripts for several of Pak’s award winning shorts, including “Asian Pride Porn,” “All Amateur Ecstasy,” and “Mouse.” Each script is preceded by an introduction by Pak.
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“Robot Stories” awards

35 Film Festival Awards
Best Director (Greg Pak)
Best Screenplay (Greg Pak)
2004 Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre
Best Picture
Best Director (Greg Pak)
Best Actress (Wai Ching Ho)
Best Picture Audience Award
2004 Semana Internacional de Cine Fantastico de Malaga
Best of Fest Audience Award
2004 Annapolis Reel Cinema Film Festival
Best Independent Sci-Fi Feature
Best New Director
Best New Film Audience Award
SF Hall of Fame Inductee – Greg Pak
2004 Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival
Special Jury Award
2004 Yubari Fantastic Film Festival
Best Feature Film
2004 Sci Fi London International Film Festival
Best Screenplay (Greg Pak)
Best Actress (Wai Ching Ho)
2003 St. Louis International Film Festival
Most Original Film
2003 Marco Island Film Festival
Best Film
2003 San Francisco Korean American Media Arts Festival
Best Feature Film Audience Award
2003 Michigan Independent Film Festival
Audience Award
2003 Boston Fantastic Film Festival
Grand Prize, Best Narrative Feature
2003 Rhode Island International Film Festival
Best Narrative Feature Film
2003 DC APA Film Festival
Special Jury Award for Emotional Truth
2003 Florida Film Festival
Best Director (Greg Pak)
Best Actress (Wai Ching Ho)
2003 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
Best Feature Film Audience Choice Award
2003 Fantastisk Film Festival, Sweden
Best Science Fiction Film
Best Science Fiction Director (Greg Pak)
Best Science Fiction Actor (Sab Shimono)
Best Science Fiction Actress (Tamlyn Tomita)
Best Score (Rick Knutsen)
2003 ShockerFest Film Festival
Emerging Director Award
2003 Asian American International Film Festival
Special Jury Award
2003 Asian Film Festival of Dallas
Honorable Mention
2003 Film Fest New Haven
Best Screenplay Award
2002 Hamptons Film Festival
Excellence in Design Award
For Daniel M. Kanemoto’s opening credits animation
Association Internationale Du Film D’Animation East