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“…I’d take a chance on Greg Pak’s micro-budget indie Robot Stories, a valentine from the future. Broken into a quartet of subtle science-fiction fables, each is more Ray Bradbury than Keanu Reeves — and romantic in its own strange way: A sculptor becomes obsessed with the digitized memories of his wife; a worried couple tries to love an android baby; a mother reconstructs her dying son’s vintage robot-toy collection; and an android office-drone (played by Pak) falls in love. Somehow the cast (largely composed of underutilized Asian-American actors like Tamlyn Tomita) underplays the gizmos and hits the emotional beats dead-on, heating up a genre that so often looks stylish, but feels dead-cold.” – Logan Hill,

“Enthralling.” Cincinnati CityBeat

“Extremely great.” – Harry Knowles,

“A tremendously powerful set of vignettes. Writer/director Greg Pak uses four stories about robots to create wonderfully human moments. The stories are quick and to the point. The visually compelling and well-acted stories do not exist in the same world; tied together by theme, each is its own stirring narrative. Robots as toys, robots as children, robots as office tools, and robots as deceased loved ones teach the humans around them various lessons without hammering the audience. Quiet subtlety abounds throughout these terrific shorts. Even the opening credits animation is a wonderfully self-contained story. Another must-see.” – Bobby Kirk, Playback St. Louis

2002, 85 minutes, color. Winner of over 30 awards, “Robot Stories” is science fiction from the heart, four stories in which utterly human characters struggle to connect in a world of robot babies, robot toys, android office workers, and digital immortality. John Petrakis of the Chicago Tribune calls the film “one of the most moving pieces I’ve seen all year” while Entertainment Insiders calls it a “genuinely stirring indie rarity”

Written and directed by Greg Pak; produced by Kim Ima and Karin Chien; starring Tamlyn Tomita, Sab Shimono, Wai Ching Ho, and Greg Pak.

Giant interview with Greg Pak

Newsarama has run a “Behind the Page” interview with filmmaker and comic book writer Greg Pak that delves into “Robot Stories,” “Planet Hulk,” politics, genre, Joseph Campbell, and improv comedy. The interview also features several pages of dontcha-dare-miss-it preview art from “Incredible Hulk” #100.
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PakBuzz Q&A: Producer Karin Chien on “The Motel”

Motel poster
“The Motel” poster

Karin Chien produced Greg Pak’s films “Robot Stories” (with Kim Ima) and “Super Power Blues.” Her latest two films, Michael Kang’s “The Motel” and Chris Chan Lee’s “Undoing,” hit theaters this week. Read on for Pak’s interview with Chien about “The Motel” theatrical release, what a producer does, and just why the heck she’s worked with so many Korean American directors.
Greg Pak: Congrats on all the recent success! Tell us a little about what you’re doing to prepare for “The Motel” opening this coming Wednesday in New York. What can people do to help?
Karin Chien:
Bring as many people as possible to see the film when it opens on June 28 at the Film Forum, and then tell everyone you know how much you love THE MOTEL!!
But, seriously, we are working with Palm Pictures on the marketing campaign, and are also doing a grassroots campaign, which involves spreading the word, via events, posters, parties, merchandise and the internet, throughout the indie film and Asian American communities. If you’re part of an organization or school or a very large family, you can invite us to speak to your group, or screen a trailer, or put up posters, or write us up in your blog. Every little bit of extra exposure helps.

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2006.06.09 – “Robot Stories” DVDs and posters given away at 72 Hour Film Shootout Launch Party – NYC

The AAFilmLab is throwing a launch party June 9 in New York City for its 72 Hour Film Shootout — and a few signed DVDs and posters donated by “Robot Stories” director Greg Pak will be given away to lucky attendees! Also, please note that the AAFilmLab is still accepting entries to this year’s shootout until June 8 (that’s a receive-by date) — visit the official website for more information.
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Click here for a Pakbuzz interview with AAFilmLab president Matte Chi

Great review for “Robot Stories and More Screenplays”

California Bookwatch has reviewed Greg Pak’s “Robot Stories and More Screenplays.” Here’s an excerpt:

It’s not only the futuristic settings which link these plots: it’s an exploration of the problems between men and machines, the created and the natural worlds, which creates such a compelling dynamic in these motion pictures. Small black and white shots pepper the account, but it’s the screenplays which are the heart of this fine title.

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