Greg Pak: PSA

PSA for folks with beards

Hey, friends. Here’s a quick update that has nothing to do with comics or books, but I figured was worth sharing as a public service announcement, particularly for those of you with beards.

On my birthday this August, I shaved for the first time in three years. And I discovered a small lump at the corner of my jaw. Long story short: it was a benign adenoma and after going through a series of referrals and tests, I just had it surgically removed. (Yes, BENIGN, no worries!) The extremely scientific diagram above shows you the location of the tumor (in my parotid gland, a salivary gland at the edge of the jaw) and the surprisingly long incision that was required to remove it.

The big message is that if I hadn’t shaved, I have no idea when I would have found it, and the story could have been more complicated. So if you have a beard, feel around under it from time to time!

The other detail is that if my mother hadn’t passed away this August, I probably wouldn’t have felt compelled to shave for the first time in years, and I wouldn’t have found the adenoma. Somehow feels like she’s still watching out for me.

Big hearts to all and take care out there.

PSA: COVID vaccine boosters now available to all adults in NYC (who meet time requirements)!

Just found out this morning that New York City health officials have approved COVID vaccine booster shots for all adults who have been vaccinated for at least six months (Pfizer and Moderna) or two months (J&J). Check out the New York Times article here!

Then Mark Levine, the new Manhattan borough president, noted on Twitter than you can get an appointment at!

I clicked, I filled out some forms, and a few hours later, I’ve been BOOSTED! They even gave me a sticker!

It’s a good day. Please do click on that link yourself and get that booster if you’re eligible!