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ComicCritique loves “Savage World of Sakaar” special

Adam McGovern has posted a five star review of “Skaar Son of Hulk: Savage World of Sakaar” special, written by Greg Pak with art by Carlo Pagulayan, Tim Truman, Tim Green II, and Gabriel Hardman. Here’s an excerpt:

Pak has a flawless ear for the unadorned eloquence of peasant speech and warrior philosophy, and, as keen an observer of how wonder can decline into mysticism as he is, he sees the ways that desperation can morph events into myth just as clearly; a nightmare verso of the Jesus story is playing out in the way that Skaar draws people to his side, and how his personal sacrifices are interpreted as holy gifts. At the same time, Pak’s characterization of a brutal protagonist is quite subtle in the mysterious way that Skaar seems to be appearing to different constituencies the way they need to see him – capable of tenderness for the seer who is his would-be father figure; unrelentingly ruthless for the warrior princess who had been skeptical of his mettle – an inherently diplomatic, even merciful trait, in the context of a world caught in a kind of perpetual prehistory and scraping toward survival.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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