COOKING WILL BREAK YOUR HEART cookbook memoir launches on Kickstarter!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s jumping on board the Kickstarter for my cookbook memoir, COOKING WILL BREAK YOUR HEART! The project just launched on Tuesday – please feel free to visit and back it!

So what’s this all about?

Cooking Will Break Your Heart

Over the years, I’ve posted hundreds of process photos on social media of the meals I’m cooking. And people will periodically ask when I’m writing a cookbook. Well, the answer is now! So if you’re interested in simple, straightforward recipes for the delicious food I’ve been posting with step-by-step process photographs, this is the book for you!

Process photos of cooking dduk guk.

Recipes may include miyukguk, Japanese-style chicken curry, chazuke, dduk guk, kalguksu, English breakfast, mushroom sauce over rice, kalbi, tacos, chili, omelets, poached eggs, ramen, fried chicken, Japanese-style mapo tofu, kimchi jjigae, jook, steamed fish, various vegetables and side dishes, and holiday dinners. You can see lots of photos of some of these meals on the Kickstarter campaign page!

But that’s not all!

I’m old enough that I’ve lost most of the people who cooked the most meals for me in my life. So this book will be dedicated to my beloved mother, Jane Pak, and my grandmothers Wechun Pak and Grace Riechers.

My beloved mother, Jane Pak.
My grandmothers, Wechun Pak and Grace Riechers.

Food is history and culture and family and love and joy and grief. So this cookbook will also be a memoir, packed with essays, poems, comics, and photos exploring the emotional stories behind each meal. It’ll be one of the most personal things I’ve ever written and I can’t wait to share it with you.

My mom’s old index card recipe box.

The Kickstarter just went live yesterday afternoon — here’s that link again! The cookbook is digital only, but some of the rewards include physical copies of earlier books, so if you need copies of the PRINCESS WHO SAVED books or the super rare variant cover edition of ABC DISGUSTING, this is a great place to grab it!

Thanks so much for your consideration, and all the best, as always.

Process photos of cooking kalbi.