“Darkseid” hits stores today – gets great review from ComicsBeat!

JL_23-1-Darkseid_vxnocmji0l_“Justice League 23.1: Darkseid,” written by yours truly with art by Paulo Siqueira and Netho Diaz, is out today, and Steve Morris at ComicsBeat pretty much loves it. An excerpt:

A brilliant showcase for Darkseid as a villain, the issue is big and grandiose, explains who he is and why he does what he does, and makes the reader eager to read more Darkseid stories in future.

Ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you today!

Or pick it up digitally at Comixology!

UPDATE: A few more great reviews have come in! Check ’em out:

“I was completely impressed and overwhelmed by the amount of awesome within a few small pages” — ComicBooked

“Repeating histories, connections being made across no less than five ongoing titles, and possible revelations about the nature of our greatest super-hero ever fill out a brilliantly fast-paced twenty pages in a way I could not have expected upon opening the cool, although not as dramatic as most, lenticular 3D cover. And that last page? OH MAN.” — Comicosity

“I enjoyed this book end to end” — Inside Pulse

“‘Darkseid’ #23.1 has the potential to be one of the standout titles during Villains Month. It repositions the dense history of the New Gods into an engrossing cosmic fairy tale, remaining true to the past while being accessible to new readers.” — Multiversity Comics