Deleting preference gets Internet Connect working again in OS X

By Greg Pak
While traveling this week, my 12″ G4 PowerBook decided to stop letting me get online through dialup. My airport card was working fine, but the Internet Connect program through which I get online via dialup using Earthlink would quit during startup. I’m using OS 10.2.3 and have had precious few serious problems thus far, so I was a bit flummoxed. I restarted several times, which didn’t do the trick. I reinstalled Earthlink, which didn’t do the trick. I installed AOL (horror of horrors), which didn’t do the trick.
In the end, I stumbled across the answer — I found the preferences files for Internet Connect and deleted them. They live in the Users > Username > Library > Preferences >
After deleting the program, I was able to start up Internet Connect properly. I had to then update Earthlink all over again, but I’m now able to get online again via dialup.