Greg Pak and Gale Anne Hurd talk “Dead Man’s Run”

“Dead Man’s Run” #0 debuted this weekend at the New York Comicon. The book will be available in comic book stores everywhere at the end of the month. In the meantime, here are some excerpts from interviews with writer Greg Pak and legendary producer Gale Anne Hurd about the book:

What’s going on in this world that you’ve built with Valhalla? How is it different from our own and how did it get to be the way it is?
“Dead Man’s Run” takes place in our world, with one key difference: when they die, sinners end up in a maximum security prison buried beneath a giant pyramid in the middle of the California desert. No one can tell you if the cause of all of this is scientific or supernatural, but it’s real and it’s here and it’s not going away, so there’s an entire legal and political system set up around this prison, both above and below ground, accompanied by all the idealism and corruption you might expect from any human institution.
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“Hell is populated by the worst criminals and mass murders throughout time. So we get to deal with a whole host of villains and this especially interesting female warden,” said Hurd.
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