Greg Pak talks “X-Treme X-Men” in CBR’s first “X-Position” of 2013

X-Man fans interviewed me about “X-Treme X-Men” at Comic Book Resources. Here’s an excerpt:

Which is your favorite character to write in X-Treme and what sets this book apart from other X-Titles?
I love all my babies equally. But Howlett and Dazzler are probably my faves. I’m pretty much in love with Howlett’s tough guy exterior, great good heart, and propensity for blushing. He’s a tough guy sweetheart, which is a ton of fun to write. And my girl Dazzler just makes me smile. She’s got very little filter — if she’s thinking it, she’s probably saying it, which is an endearing quality and a ton of fun to write. And she also strikes me as a fundamentally decent person who’s always been an underdog and maybe doesn’t even realize how huge a hero she really is. Again, endearing and a ton of fun to write.

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