“Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples” now viewable online

“Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples” was written, shot, and edited in two days as part of the Panasonic 48 Hour Film Challenge at the 2005 Hamptons International Film Festival. As part of the challenge, the films were asked to include the following:
• The theme of “A Good Idea”
• A conflict resolved through dance
• An upside down moment
• The phrase “night sharks”
• A local or festival celebrity
• Something hidden in a book
• A moral lesson
• And a bag of apples
Check it out and see how we did!
A short film directed by Greg Pak, produced by Kim Ima, and written by Greg Pak, Kim Ima, and Vin Knight
2005, 6 1/2 minutes, color. A man gets the hiccups at a holiday camp for troubled couples. But what secret is he really hiding?
Starring Vin Knight and Kim Ima, with Peter Donato, Tanya Tavereau, and the voice of Anthony Marchegiano
Shot and Cut by Greg Pak, http://www.gregpak.com
Boom, Graphics, Production Assistance: Anthony Marchegiano
Original song, “Wherever It Might Lead,” by Nancy Atlas, http://nancyatlas.com
Porn and Camp music by David Libby, http://www.broadwaydemo.com