I made a Bookshop.org page of recommended books!

A bunch of books!

I recently found out about Bookshop.org, which sells books online and donates 10 percent of its profits to pool that’s divided between indie bookstores! So now I try to buy all new books online through my local indie bookstore’s website or Bookshop.org. Please do check it out!

I also found out that Bookshop.org allows anyone to create a page with links to recommended books. That’s integrated with their sales engine, so 10 percent of the profits on those book sales also go to indie bookstores. (And 10 percent goes to the creator of the list!)

So I’ve set up my own Bookshop.org page, with lists of books about writing, great books by friends, some of the best books I’ve written myself, and some of the books that made me who I am.

Please do check it out, and thanks as always!