I see the future of privacy…

…and there will be none.

In 2010, I wrote a graphic novel called “Vision Machine” that depicts a world in which a revolutionary piece of personal technology called the iEye allows us to record anything we can see or imagine and instantly share it with the world. Massive creative opportunities ensue — and then the other shoe drops with massive trademark, copyright, privacy and surveillance complications.

Even as we speak, Google Glass is bringing part of the world of “Vision Machine” to life. If you’re wearing Google Glass, you can be fairly certain that everything you see can be legally logged and monitored by business or government entities.

But assuming we maintain our current attitudes and policies regarding privacy and surveillance, it’s going to get much worse.

Within twenty years, someone will develop a true mind-machine interface that will allow us to directly upload and download information to and from our brains.Within a generation, everyone who hopes to compete in the world will acquire brain implants that allow for instant acquisition of information and faster processing of data.

But for the average person, these brain implants will only be available through corporations that provide backdoors to business and government entities to enable the tracking and monitoring of all information that passes through the devices.

In short, businesses and governments will be able to literally read our minds.

They will know and have a record of exactly what we are thinking.

I think I know what “Vision Machine II” will be about.

Am I wrong? I hope so. You tell me!