I’m writing “Batman/Superman”!

Big news! I’m writing a new ongoing “Batman/Superman” comic book for DC Comics! The book will be illustrated by the great Jae Lee (check out some concept art above) and the first story arc will show the very first meeting of Superman and Batman in the new DC Universe.
From the Newsarama interview:

The huge attraction of this story to me is the chance to explore who these characters are in their very early, raw years. So this story begins around the time of Morrison’s Action #1, when both of these men are young and wild and dangerous. Anything can happen. They’ve never even heard of each other before – never even heard the word “superhero.”
So how will Clark react the first time he sees an insanely dangerous combatant dressed like a giant bat? And how will Bruce react at the sight of an alien with the power to bend steel in his bare hands? It’s a hugely fun place to dive in with these characters.

From the Comic Book Resources interview:

…both of the characters have been important to me at different times of my life, and the chance to work with them today — particularly telling this story — is tremendous.

From the USA Today interview:

The atmosphere and strong image depth of Lee’s drawing style — colored by his wife — is key for a series like Batman/Superman “where you’ve got these two complementary and contradictory figures who are coming from two very different places,” Pak says.
“The idea of Jae Lee drawing Batman is sort of a no-brainer. That makes total sense. (But) he’s doing some cool new stuff and when you put these two characters together, they’ve got different palettes and environments.”