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    1. I always liked how Bill Mantlo used him back in his Hulk issues. Also loved Roger Stern’s “Triumph and Torment” OGN. I also loved how Bendis depicted him in that pre-Planet Hulk Illuminati one-shot. Much credit there goes to Alex Maleev, who drew Strange so beautifully there. Made him feel like a real person, someone I’d want to sit down and talk with. Hugely sympathetic.

      1. Huge fan of Roger Stern myself. Doctor Strange Vol. 2 #55 “To Have Loved… and Lost!” is my favorite Strange issue of all time.

  1. Does Jae Lee come up with the way his panels are laid out or do you give him some guidance on how you want the story to be visualized?

    1. I break the story down into panels and may give some indication of which panel I’m thinking is the big important one on the page. For some special pages I may get specific about certain panels that are doing special things — like the way the Clark panels and the Bruce panels paralleled each other in that origin story double page spread in issue #1. But Jae is a genius and he makes everything his own. All of the glorious special design he brought to that page, for example, with the cutouts of the Superman shield and the Batman bat, was all him. Such a pleasure to work with him.

      1. That double page origin story was wonderfully written and beautifully visualized. I really liked how they were parallel to each other. I’ve noticed the cutouts of the Superman shield and the Batman bat and love how well it looks on the page, that’s what gave me the curiosity. I’m glad you and Jae Lee are having a great time working together, I’ve been really enjoying this and look forward to more! Thank you, Mr. Pak!

  2. Having now worked on Superman, do you still think he stands “no chance” against your World Breaker Hulk?

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