Jane Lui’s gross plans for an ABC DISGUSTING song


By Greg Pak

If you hadn’t heard, the great singer-songwriter Jane Lui will write and record a theme song for the ABC DISGUSTING children’s book I’m working on if the Kickstarter hits $30,000 (so please back it today)! Jane is totally awesome — her original music and her covers range from longing and evocative to joyously goofball and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board. (She even took the banana-ketchup challenge to help get the Kickstarter over $28,000!) Read on for Jane in her own words about her repulsive plans for an ABC DISGUSTING theme song.

GREG: What appealed to you about ABC DISGUSTING and made you say “Yes, I’ll do that!”

JANE: I’ve never had the fortune to be gross and musical at the same time, and since I use a lot of noises in my stuff already, it’s not too far of a stretch, it would be a lot of fun to make, and hopefully hilarious and just the right amount of disgusting to listen to. I am this close to promising a real fart just to push the goal over… shame is for fools!

GREG: Tell us a bit about the ideas you have for the song and any special challenges you foresee.

JANE: 1.) I want to be fun and emulate grossness without actually being gross, shouldn’t be too hard ’cause farts can sound so pretty… if we were dead in the nose.

2.) My voice – I’ll have to watch my vocal use. There was a period in my original stuff that was uber depressing because my voice tells that story really well. In the last couple years though, it’s moved into a quirkier fun place so I’ll have to place it to the goofball corner of my face.

3.) Having the mic ready when I fart.

GREG: What do you see yourself doing differently in making a song specifically for kids?

JANE: I think a lot of my covers fit kids already with the sounds I use (toy pianos, pipes, suitcases, service bells, bike ringers, typewriters, etc). Kids are trusting, weird, & imaginative, so I think they’ll approve a song by someone so immature.

GREG: The kid in the book eats ketchup on cantaloupe and a mayonnaise milkshake — and you just ate  What’s the most disgusting thing you ever ate?

JANE: Super oily fries with frosting. Cereal with coke. wow my face is twisting up just thinking about this.

GREG: And you can add ketchup with banana to the list! Tell us what you’re working on and when people might be able to see or hear you next.

JANE: I’ve begun writing my fourth album! This is exciting and also scary for many reasons. So it includes lots of pacing and baking. I’m also scoring a musical with a couple writers in NY, working on music videos, acting, and more baking. You can find me on YouTube, FB, Insta, twitter, all those. I’ll be playing more next year once my album production finishes. Look me up!



Huge thanks to Jane and to everyone who’s backed the book — please do feel free to back the Kickstarter today! The campaign ends Wednesday, July 29 at 12 noon ET.