Just Ask

By Greg Pak
Just because you have no money doesn’t mean you can’t get good folks to help you make your movie, particularly if you’re just shooting over a single weekend.
When I was planning to shoot an extremely low budget digital short film this spring, I figured I’d do it all with a crew of three. But my astute and incredible producer saw that the script really required a few more key folks, including a wardrobe supervisor, a makeup person, a production designer, and an assistant director. She made some calls and a half dozen amazingly talented folks with whom we’d worked on other projects signed on to work for free that weekend. It turned out to be the smoothest shoot and perhaps the best crew I’ve had.

One thought on “Just Ask”

  1. Dear Greg:
    Hi, my name is Kathy. I’m a community college student in New York City; and I’m currently writing a script for a short film. I belong to the a club called The Filmmaker’s Association. I would like to know how appropiate must the language in the movie? We first need to present the movie at our college and then, our final goal is to introduce the movie at a film festival. What do you suggest.

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