Last day to pre-order KINGSWAY WEST #1


Hey, all! Today’s the big day — the day comic book shops send in their orders to the distributor for KINGSWAY WEST #1, the first issue of the new Dark Horse series I’ve been talking about incessantly for weeks. If you’re at all intrigued, please do contact your local comics shop and pre-order the book today! Pre-orders are hugely important since the print run of a comic book is determined by how many copies comic shops order. In simple terms, the single most helpful thing you can do to help a comic book is pre-order it with your local shop.

But why, you might ask… why should I order KINGSWAY WEST? Well, here’s an answer from my interview with ComicsBeat:

If you’re looking for adventure, we’ve got big action, mind bending fantasy, and wild alternative history.

If you’re looking for emotion, we’ve got romance and a huge journey of heroism, horror, and redemption.

If you care about diversity in storytelling, our hero’s a Chinese gunslinger searching for his Mexican wife, pursued by an African American soldier. This is a world that explores the glory of American diversity and the tragedy of American racism with a Chinese American Golden City in Northern California, a República de los Californios in the Southwest, Native American city-states in the Midwest, and the United States of New York back East. Don’t sleep on this one, friends!

And dragons. We mentioned the dragons, right?

And here’s an excerpt from a 10/10 review from Comicosity, which lavishes much-deserved praise on artist Mirko Colak, colorist Wil Quintana, and letterer Simon Bowland:

I know I can rely on Greg Pak for entertaining stories, Colak for solid art, Quintana for vibrant, descriptive coloring, and Bowland for masterful lettering, so I had high hopes coming into Kingsway West #1. This creative team met that bar, effortlessly stepped over it, and gave me a story that was thoroughly entertaining and completely engrossing from cover to cover.

And here’s that trailer once more:

Thank you so much for your consideration and all the best!