“Marvel Nemesis” scores an “A” from NowPlayingMag.com

NowPlayingMag.com has given its highest marks to Issue One of “Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects,” written by Greg Pak with art by Renato Arlem. An excerpt:

The mysterious six-page prologue immediately pulls you into the story so that by the time Ben Grimm appears on page seven you’ve begun to wonder if this is going to be a superhero book or not, but you don’t care if it isn’t. It also features something we actually don’t get much of anymore: a nice introspective sequence with Ben in which we discover that even teenagers hold him in some amount of disregard, and we’re reminded that there’s a very human heart underneath that rocky exterior. Then the real fun begins. While Pak does an excellent job with Ben, his real triumph is Elektra – this is the Elektra that Jennifer Garner should have played, not that humorless woman with the pouty lips we ended up with.