Newsarama interviews Greg Pak about “Eternal Warrior”


Chris Arrant at Newsarama interviewed me about the “Eternal Warrior” book that launches on September 11, written by yours truly and drawn by Trevor Hairsine. Here’s an excerpt:

Newsarama: Greg, you’re no stranger with writing superheroes, swordsmen and immortals. So when you were approached to write Eternal Warrior for Valiant, what was the challenge and the intrigue that led you to sign on the dotted line?

Greg Pak: I love these kinds of characters. There was something familiar here about Gilad, and I was hungry to jump on. I felt like I could do a good job on this kind of character, who’s both a warrior and an immortal. Those are things I’ve enjoyed exploring in the past as you’ve mentioned.

What’s specifically intriguing about Gilad is two things. One, he is just a normal dude. Yes, he is one of the greatest soldiers and hand-to-hand combatants ever born, but he has the soul of a mortal – he wasn’t born as an immortal. So for him witnessing the rise and fall of civilizations and seeing everyone he loves turn to dust, it’s not something he can just shrug off and get over. Humans like you and me – and Gilad – weren’t built to go on forever. We’ve essentially evolved to die; evolved to have short lifespans. Our minds and our bodies aren’t built to go on forever and to watch everyone you know fade away. So despite his moniker of the Eternal Warrior, he’s got the soul of a mortal and his predicament troubles him… and that’s an intriguing thing to tackle.

The other part that interests me about him is that he’s a warrior; that’s what he does best. And he serves the Earth, a mysterious entity that’s been giving him his missions for millennia. This idea of an immortal warrior is an intriguing thing; someone who has basically seen all of recorded history, but through a very specific filter: war. That seemed like a worthwhile thing to explore. There’s a lot of story there

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