Newsarama interviews Greg Pak about his new “Silver Surfer” book

Newsarama’s Albert Ching has interviewed writer Greg Pak about the new “Silver Surfer” book that debuts in February. Here’s an excerpt:

Nrama: Obviously you’re a fan of the character — what is it about him and his place in the Marvel Universe (and comics history in general) that you find appealing?
Pak: The Silver Surfer may be the most original character in superhero comics. No one had ever seen anything like him when he first appeared, and he remains an internationally recognized icon to this day. My earliest memories of the Surfer come from reading a battered trade paperback of “Son of Origins” over and over again. I think what compelled me was that intense combination of sacrifice, heroism, tragedy, romance, and mind-blowing cosmic adventure. And there was the sheer audacity of putting a silver dude on a surfboard — and making it AWESOME.

Nrama: Finally, I know it’s still early, but what can you say about working with artist Stephen Segovia thus far?
Pak: Stephen’s a dream. He’s unleashing the cosmic like you won’t believe. But he’s totally got the grace and quiet reserve that the Surfer so often displays. He’s doing particularly amazing work with some of the seemingly mundane but emotionally powerful moments in the book. There’s a panel of two people kissing in issue one that’s just gorgeous — completely naturalistic and all the more beautiful and romantic because of it.

Click here to read the whole thing — and ask your local comics shop to pre-order “Silver Surfer” #1 for you today!