Newsarama interviews Greg Pak about “War Machine”

An excerpt:

NRAMA: With your work on Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, you’ve become associated with the epic story, the larger than life setting an action. Are you heading that way with War Machine, or are you looking at a “smaller” story in a sense with Rhodey?
GP: We may be approaching epic in terms of scope and emotion and even mythic scale. But one difference between the Hulk/Skaar stories and War Machine is that War Machine is very much set in the real world. Or at least, the Marvel Universe analogue to the real world. If you strip away some of the superhero trappings, almost every story we’re telling has an antecedent in real world conflicts and atrocities. We’re not using the names of actual countries — mainly because I don’t want to pretend a superhero can or has resolved the horrific conflicts from which actual human beings are suffering around the globe. But Rhodey’s new global mandate means we have a shot at investing his stories with a level of immediacy, realism, and relevance that’s deeply compelling to me both as a writer and a fan.

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“War Machine” #1 hits comic book stores on December 17. Ask your local store to preorder a copy for you today. And check out the 8 page preview story for free at!