Newsarama inteviews Pak, Woods, Fialkov, and Martin about “Outlaw Territory”

“Outlaw Territory,” an comic book anthology of Western stories that includes Greg Pak’s “Rio Chino,” hit comic book stores Wednesday and can be purchased online from Newsarama’s Steve Ekstrom has interviewed editor Michael Woods, along with contributors Greg Pak, Joshua Fialkov, and Skipper Martin. Here’s an excerpt:

NRAMA: Let’s turn and talk to some of the contributors—what can you tell us about your stories? Who did you work with on your projects?
Greg Pak: My piece is called ‘Rio Chino’—it tells the story of a Chinese gunslinger in the Old West who stumbles across a lynching in a small town. It’s actually a prequel to a screenplay I wrote a few years back that’s my big dream project in the film world. Ian Kim penciled, inked, and colored the story. This is Ian’s first published comics work, and he did an awesome job.

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