Nice year-end mentions for Greg’s Superman and Storm books

A few websites have posted nice mentions of my Superman and Storm books over the last week — thanks, everyone!

“Action Comics” got Comics Alliance’s tap for “Best Comic with Superman in It” for 2014. Key quote: “Let’s be honest: they ought to call it Satisfaction Comics.”

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CBR tapped “Storm” for its Top 100 Comics of 2014 list. Money quote: “Few superheroes inspire awe in thew way that Storm does, and now she has a series that inspires as well.” The Storm book also got some nice mentions in the X-Position year-end column and Inside Joke Theater named it one of the Best New Series of 2014.

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“Batman/Superman: Cross World” made the Top Ten highest circulating graphic novels at the Cape May County Library, right between Bryan Lee O’Malley and Raina Telgemeier!

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