4 thoughts on “One more try – let me know how this banner’s working for ya!”

  1. I’m no graphic artist, so my feedback is probably grain-of-salty. Uh. Well, your website is listed twice. I assume you didn’t mean for the gradient to suddenly end on the bottom. I see on the previous versions you listed your work; maybe not so many, but it doesn’t hurt to list one or two, perhaps? All I got.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, the website is listed twice, isn’t it?
      I did let the gradient just blink out because the bottom of the banner will be behind the table and no one’ll see that part anyway. I’m of two minds about listing the work — trying to keep the faces in the banner as high as possible in order to have them visible over the table, and it almost feels like it’s either the logo or the titles. Still mulling it over!

      1. I see what you mean about the gradient. If you remove the redundant website listing, you could list a couple of books without having to move the characters at all. It’s an -awesome- banner, I’m just a picky lime given the chance.

        Maybe… right-side align @gregpak under your name, remove the website, and then list a couple books above the PAK logo?

  2. I prefer the versions with the ambiguous background rather than the villain’s face. He’s the first thing my eyes are drawn to and he competes with Code Monkey for dominance of the image. Also, while the bottom of the banner will be harder to see, it won’t be invisible. I like how in the second version you make use of that space with your logo.

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