Pak & Kuder’s “Action Comics” Vol. 5 hits stores Dec. 24!


Got my comps of “Action Comics, Volume 5, What Lies Beneath” in the mail over the weekend, and I’m pretty darn thrilled with how it all looks. This is Aaron Kuder’s and my first story arc on “Action Comics,” featuring the rise of the mysterious Subterraneans, the reintroduction of Lana Lang, and the debut of Ghost Soldier and Harrow. The book also includes the “Secret Origins” story Lee Weeks and I did that retells Superman’s origin from the point of view of his two mothers.

Gorgeous colors throughout primarily by Wil Quintana. Additional art from Scott McDaniel, RB Silva, and Mike Hawthorne.

Super proud of the book. Hope you’ll consider picking it up! I believe it hits comic book shops on Christmas Eve — not a bad last-minute gift!

Find your local shop here.