Pak Talks Comics: Inside the engine of “War Machine” #1

Greg Pak’s latest “Pak Talks Comics” column for Broken Frontier features an inside look at the creative decisions behind “War Machine” #1 — along with some hints of what’s coming up in “War Machine” #2 and beyond. Here’s an excerpt:

I’d had an eye on Rhodey for a while — I’d written an alternative version of him into the “1602 New World” miniseries and had tried to work him into a couple of other projects over the years. And I’d been researching the Holocaust for the “Magneto Testament” miniseries, which had led me to read about more recent genocides and atrocities. The new “War Machine” series seemed like a perfect place to tackle a character I’d always loved while exploring difficult questions of war, interventionism, and violence in the name of justice.

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