Post a remix, get a free “Vision Machine” trade paperback!

Want a “Vision Machine” trade paperback but can’t make one of the public events where we’re giving them away?
We’ll send free “Vision Machine” trade paperbacks to the first 50 folks who post remixes of the comic or other work inspired by the story or characters!
The first free “Vision Machine” trade goes to Stephen Morrow, who just posted the amazing image of Jane that you see above.
So draw a “Vision Machine” related picture, write a story or poem, remix the actual book, or create any other derivative work inspired by the book or characters… then ping @gregpak on Twitter with the link.
“Vision Machine” is released under a Creative Commons license allowing noncommerical derivative work of this kind – for the full scoop, click here. Your remixes/derivative work should credit Pak Man Productions be released under the same Creative Commons license.
So have fun! We’re looking forward to seeing the links!
Please note: You must be 18 or older for us to send you the book.