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Print traffic hints

By Greg Pak
If your film is getting into multiple festivals, you’ll need to coordinate shipping from one festival to another. In order to avoid the disaster of a print not reaching its next destination on time, I recommend emailing the following information to both the print traffic coordinator for the festival which will send the print and the print traffic coordinator for the festival which will receive the print:

  1. An introduction
    (i.e., “Jack, meet Jane; Jane, meet Jack! Jack is the print traffic coordinator for the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Film Festival and Jane is the print traffic coordinator for the Oh My International Film Festival.”)

  2. A request for the outgoing festival to ship the print to the incoming festival, including the following information:
    • Shipping address with contact person and phone number
    • Due Date
    • Method of shipping (i.e., 2 Day FedEx)
  3. A request that the outgoing festival send tracking numbers to both you and the incoming film festival.
  4. A thank you.
    In the immortal lines of Slim Cessna, always say please and thank you.

It’s important to include all of the above information, particularly the method of shipping and due date. Most festivals are run on a shoestring and print traffic coordinators will prefer to send prints by the cheapest method possible. But if your print needs to get to its next destination quickly, specifically requesting Fed Ex 2nd Day Delivery will nail home the idea that you don’t want the print sent via ground.

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