Rave reviews for “Incredible Hulk” #611

“Incredible Hulk” #611, written by Greg Pak, pencilled by Paul Pelletier, and featuring the much-anticipated showdown between the Hulk and his savage son Skaar, has already nabbed a slew of rave reviews. Here’s a taste:

“Incredible Hulk #611 was about as close to perfect as a Hulk comic can get. It’s got everything I love, great action, powerful emotions and big scope. Pak is quite simply a perfect writer for the Hulk and his work here is nothing short of brilliant on every single page. He and Pelletier make an incredible team that work serious magic.”
Comic Book Revolution
“After two years, I’m ecstatic to have Banner’s King Hulk persona back, one who actually remembers what he lost in his failed quest for vengeance. It makes the rivalry between father and son carry much more meaning than it did during Planet Skaar. But surprisingly, the most emotionally arresting portions of the issue involve Hulk/Banner’s recollections of his father’s abuses. This is hardly a new element of the Hulk mythos, but it’s one Pak mines to excellent effect throughout the script. ”
“The ending was very touching; it was a very satisfying conclusion to the past few years’ worth of Hulk’s stories. Readers on board from the beginning will walk away pleased as events from Planet Hulk, Son of Hulk, and World War Hulk come to a closure not only for us but also the characters we cherish.”
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