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“Red Skull: Incarnate” reviews

By Greg Pak
“Red Skull: Incarnate” is a five issue comic book miniseries drawn by the amazing Mirko Colak with chilling covers by the great David Aja that tells the story of Johann Schmidt, an orphan in Weimar Germany who eventually becomes the Nazi monster known as the Red Skull.
If you’re interested in historically accurate fiction dealing with this time period, crime thrillers, and/or explorations of the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe, please feel free to check it out. The first three issues are already out and the fourth comes out on October 26. Please read on for some reviews — and if you’re intrigued, ask your local store to hold you a copy!

“This is a hugely effective opener for the five-part series with Pak putting his central character on the periphery of the political and social turmoil that plagued Germany following the end of the Great War.”
Paradox Comics Group
“It’s a masterful character study by one of the best writers in the business, and may shape up to be one of the best mini-series released this year.”
Alex Zalben, MTV Geek
WARNING: Some spoilers in some of the reviews below:
Issue #1 reviews:
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Issue #2 reviews:
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Issue #3 review:

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