Report on the Woodstock in the City screening of “Mister Green”

The fine folks at have posted a report on the Woodstock in the City screening of “Mister Green” and other Futurestates shorts. An excerpt:

Pak said he began outlining the story for Mister Green in 2008 during the election. With talk of “change in the air,” he found himself thinking how hard change really is, and that nobody wants to really change on a personal level or in any way at all. To him, the idea of fundamental change is something we’re inevitably going to have to face within the next generation, and science fiction is a safe place to try out different ideas about what real change might entail. This was a chance for him to take this notion to the biggest extreme he could build around the topic of climate change and global warming. People have given him different reactions on his film. One friend told him that he found it to be really optimistic, while someone else said it was a horrifying vision of the future.

Click here for the whole thing.