Sequential Tart covers Greg Pak and “Secret Identities” at the NYCC

Sequential Tart has posted an extremely thorough pair of articles by Margaret O’Connell covering the “Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology” panels at the New York Comic-Con, which included Greg Pak, writer of “The Citizen.”
Just an excerpt:

During the related panel on “The Multicultural Mask” the next day, [Greg] Pak expanded on the theme of comics’ relative openness to prominent roles for nonwhite characters, pointing out that Marvel has a relatively long heritage of introducing ethnically diverse characters. Even if their initial portrayals now seem dated, as with the blaxploitation-tinged “Sweet Christmas!” 1970’s depiction of original “Hero for Hire” Power Man/Luke Cage, these characters are still established parts of the Marvel Universe who are already there available for use. Pak cited African-American longtime Iron Man supporting character James Rhodes/War Machine, who has recently headlined his own title, as a prime example of this phenomenon.

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