Snow Leopard Finder crashing bug identified — related to Fetch 4.0.2

A FilmHelp article by Greg Pak
After upgrading to Mac OS 10.6, a.k.a. Snow Leopard, the latest Apple operating system, I’ve had a series of Finder crash/reboots when opening folders of older material I’d transferred from Firewire backup drives. I eventually realized that every folder that was crashing contained files from Fetch 4.0.2 — the “Fetch Prefs,” “Fetch Cache,” and “Fetch Shortcuts” files. I suspect there’s something about the way these image files are built that causes the crash (maybe related to the problem cited in this post). I rebooted the computer in 10.5.8 (which has no trouble opening the folders) and moved the Fetch files into subfolders. Since then I’ve had no problems opening the main folders in 10.6.