Tak apparently drew a poo cone for “ABC Disgusting.” Yes. A poo cone.


By Greg Pak

So brilliant “ABC Disgusting” artist Takeshi Miyazawa drew an awesome series of images for the super-sized sticker sheet we’re hoping to make for Kickstarter backers of the physical books. And yesterday I took a close look and realized he’d drawn a cute ice cream cone… but it’s not an ice cream cone.

As far as I can tell, it’s a stinky poo cone.

Thank you, Tak. Thanks so much.

If this appeals to you, the “ABC Disgusting” alphabet book Kickstarter is less than $600 from reaching its first stretch goal of super-sizing the stickers that all backers of physical objects will receive! Check it out and back it today so we can make big 6″x9″ sticker sheets with multiple images of gross stuff drawn by Tak! Here’s the full set of pencils he’s done for possible disgusting stickers.