The PULSE interviews Pak about Skaar

Jen Contino has interviewed writer Greg Pak about his new ongoing series “Skaar: Son of Hulk.” An excerpt:

THE PULSE: Solicits called the first issue a “epic fever dream,” so does that mean this story is “imaginary” or does that just mean you were very sick when you wrote the first arc?
PAK: Sick? No, just cra-a-a-azy-y-y!
So the story’s imaginary in that it came out of my head. But it’s as real as anything in comics and, eventually, may just have a massive impact on the Marvel Universe proper.
THE PULSE: Got it. So aside from insanity, what did inspire you to take Skaar in this direction?
PAK: I’m perpetually compelled by the central themes of the Hulk, by exploring the price of anger and that sometimes vanishing line between a hero and a monster. “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” gave us an epic field on which to run with these ideas. But Skaar gives us the chance to raise the stakes. Deep down inside, the Hulk is Bruce Banner. Which means he’s a fundamentally decent human being from Dayton, Ohio. But deep down inside, who’s Skaar? A savage manchild born in fire and raised by monsters. The character will let us explore — and challenge — this fantasy of heroic savagery in the most hardcore way possible.

Click here to read the whole thing. And check your local store for the “Skaar” #1 reprints, which arrived yesterday, and “Skaar” #2, which hits shelves July 30.