The Surfer is Awesome Exhibit #002

By Greg Pak
Yes, that’s the Silver Surfer rocking a trench coat and scarf in “Silver Surfer” #5, April 1969, one of my favorite Surfer issues ever. The story features the African American physicist Al B. Harper, one of the very few humans to befriend the Surfer in those early days, and a character I’d love to bring back, if I could find the barest excuse.
But let’s just focus on this single panel for a moment, pencilled by the brilliant Sal Buscema. Everything about this image is awesome. The wild incongruity of the Surfer wearing clothes plus the fact that he’s totally rocking his ensemble AND cruising through the stratosphere with his HANDS IN HIS POCKETS?
Just one more example of that insane combination of untrammeled cosmic imagination and everyday mundane detail that makes the character so compelling and endearing.
Did I mention today how much I love the Surfer?
“Silver Surfer” #1, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Stephen Segovia, hits comic shops in February. Ask your local store to pre-order a copy for you today!