WeeklyCrisis.com reeeally likes “Incredible Hulk” #606

Ryan the Iowan has posted a rave review of “Incredible Hulk” #606 at the Weekly Crisis. Here’s an excerpt:

• The pull of the artists behind this week’s Incredible Hulk #606 (Paul Pelletier and Ryan Stegman) was enough to snag this issue a spot on my pull list and, must to my pleasure, it turned out to be one of the best books of the week.
• The lead story picks up the current status quo for the now-powerless Bruce Banner as “attempts” to be a “father” to Skaar, though his true alliances come to light as the Red Hulk sends him to Latveria to take on Doctor Doom.
• For being so action-oriented, this is a really complex story with a slew of twists and turn. Greg Pak does an awesome job of spinning and insanely dense story here.
• I’ve only read bits of the Fall of the Hulks story, so I was really surprised by how accessible this issue was. Pak does a good job of filling in some of the larger story gaps.

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