Where to find me (and not find me) on social media

I’ve been enormously grateful to the folks who have followed me on social media throughout my career. You’ve helped spread the word about my comics to thousands of other readers, backed my crowdfunded books, spread the word about friends’ projects, and and helped me raise money and awareness for causes I care about. Thank you all so much!

But social media has always had its negative points and they’ve all been amplified in recent years. I won’t belabor you with the details, but I’m sick of everything Twitter has become and I’m pretty much done with it. I’ve deleted almost all of my posts and am mainly holding onto the account (@gregpak) to prevent an imposter or scammer from taking over the username.

So for now, here are the best places to find me online:

My email newsletter – long term, the best way to keep track of my work. It’s linked to my website, not to any social media site, so it should keep coming as long as I’m working.

Mastodon – my preferred social media home these days. It has its quirks, but it’s not owned by a billionaire and seems less subject to overnight destruction on a whim. For what it’s worth, I use third party apps like Ivory for iOS and Elk for the browser – they make the Mastodon experience much more intuitive and smooth, in my opinion.

Bluesky – probably the most fun social network I use now, mainly because of the presence of hundreds of my fellow comics creators. The big caveats are that it’s still invite-only and it remains to be seen how well its privacy/moderation will scale when it opens up.

Instagram – not my favorite because I don’t like many of the policies and practices of its parent company, Meta, and it’s a walled garden that doesn’t allow externally-pointing links in posts. But I’m still there for now.

I also still have a Tumblr account, but I’ve never really cracked the code there. Still, feel free to follow me there — maybe someday I’ll figure it out!