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2013.11.20 – “Eternal Warrior” #3 – check out the reviews!


“Eternal Warrior” #3 hit comic shops on Wednesday. Buy it from your local retailer or pick it up digitally at Comixology!

And check out these reviews:

“…an engaging story with mesmerizing artwork.” — Josh Gillam, Drunk on Comics

“The writer’s creativity is on overdrive as he continues to grow the fantasy world around Gilad” — Gregg Katzman, ComicVine

“Pak is creating a mythos with Eternal Warrior that will stand the test of time among some of the greatest in comics history and this issue definitely proves it.” — Francisco Rodriguez, The Broken Infinite

“With intricate storytelling and engaging visuals,  Eternal Warrior is just one cog in the larger machine that is bringing Valiant back to the forefront of comics today.” — ComicHype

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